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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  March 24, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> pelley: tonight, the news strikes hard. families are told there are no survivors. >> flight mh-370 ended in the southern indian ocean. >> pelley: seth doane with the families. holly williams with search teams making new discoveries, and jeff pegues on how one mystery was solved.many are dead and missinr a mudslide takes out homes and cars. danielle nottingham is on the scene in washington state. in a rare interview the commissioner of the nfl talks concussions and kids. >> reporter: you see some of the questions you get from mothers saying should my kid play football. what do you say? >> pelley: and these judges thought they heard an angel. they didn't know how right they were.
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captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. this is our western edition. the last sliver of hope vanished in an instant. malaysia's prime minister announced today that flight 370 went down in the indian ocean and all 239 people on board are dead. the conclusion is based on new analysis of satellite data that tracked the boeing triple 7 after it veered off course on a flight from kuala lumpur to beijing 17 days ago. the wreckage has not been located the search is now focused west of australia. the united states tonight is flying a team there with underwater surveillance gear. we have a team of correspondents on the story and we'll go first to seth doane in kuala lumpur, seth? flying a team there with underwater surveil >> reporter: good evening, to you, scott.
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relatives are reacting with horror and disbelief to this news which some learned via text message. beijing was hit particularly hard. two-thirds of the passengers were chinese. relatives were overcome with emotion, hearing that no one on board has survived. at beijing's lido hotel where family members had waited for 17 days, some were carried out on stretchers. this woman pleaded to the gods to watch over her son. up in his room we met xu dengwang whose wife was a passenger on flight 370. i learned the news from television. i couldn't handle it. i fainted, he told us. how can you announce this news to the world without providing evidence. on sunday here in kuala lumpur we met jacqui gonzalez, the wife
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of crew member patrick gomez. even then she kept sending text messages to him. do you let yourself think about what might have happened? >> i try not to but i guess, you know, at some point we have to face reality. but not at this moment. >> reporter: but tonight her hope ended. we went back to gonzalez's home to try to talk with her. a family member met us at the gate. what is her reaction is she emotional, crying, the whole family is crying. >> reporter: from the street we could hear sobbing inside. as 17 days of grief came pouring out. scott, tonight we're hearing from some family members who tell us they are planning to travel to australia even though no wreckage has been identified. >> pelley: seth, thank you. now you heard the man complain
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there's no evidence. so how did the experts determine the plane's fate? transportation correspondent jeff pegues has been looking into this, jeff? >> reporter: scott, the new data comes from a british satellite company called inmarsat. the company has been helping investigators chart the path the plane may have taken. malaysian prime minister najib razak today reported the findings about flight 370 that inmarsat and british investigators gave malaysia yesterday. >> its last position was in the middle of the indian ocean, west of perth. >> reporter: and inmarsat satellite that helps tracks planes picked up pings from the aircraft long after the transponder stopped transmitting. those pings helped investigators establish the two original northern and southern arcs that were announced more than a week ago. then inmarsat engineers refined the data further and suggested focusing the search on the
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southern corridor, about 1,500 miles west of perth, australia. chris mccloughlin is the company's senior vice president. >> we hope that this will be the only time we're ever asked to try to contribute to find the location of the airliner off a single piece of data. >> reporter: with that single piece of data the pings inmarsat's engineers found a pattern by comparing of other malaysian airline triple 7 flights in the region. that lead them to conclude flight 370 took the southern route. >> the signals from other malaysian triple 7s enabled us to have a basic knowledge of how it would normally perform, how this particular type of aircraft performs in that particular area. >> reporter: inmarsat acknowledges its calculations are not an exact science, but scott, it says the northern route was also ruled out because the plane would have likely been spotted by the extensive radar coverage in that area. >> pelley: jeff, thanks very much. now we still don't know what happened aboard the plane. somewhere in the wreckage the
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flight data and cockpit voice recorders may have answers. holly williams is in australia following the search. >> search operations have been called off in australia for a day because o f weather conditions including 50-mile an hour winds and swells in the ocean of up to 12 feet. but in the last 24 hours, the search teams have made two key sightings. an australian team flying a p3 orion aircraft lowered over the southern indian ocean today spotted and photographed two objects, one lean and circular, the other rectangular and orange. flight lieutenant josh williams said they still couldn't be sure what they found. >> it's possible. it's a possibility they are as well as the location and time since we lost the objects.
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>> with the white smoke of the flare marking the location. the ship will try to pick up the debris. a chinese vessel is also heading to the area. a chinese crew reported several white objects floating in the same vicinity earlier, one large and square 6789 but bad weather and poor visibility meant few details. the hope in the hunt for the wreckage as the search for the flight saw current debris could be found in many directions. a flight returned empty handed monday after scowling the same waters as the chinese. a reminder of how difficult and slow-going the search effort remains. the u.s. navy sent a ping to australia which could pick up the sounds or pings emitted under water by the plane's black
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box but this is now a race against time scott because the ping that emits those noises only has a battery life of around a month. >> so about ten days left in that. holey, thanks very much. the pink locator is a device that is towed by a ship. it can hear the pings from the recorders from about a mile away. the u.s. is also sending a robot sub that you see right here that has cameras and sensors. it can scan the bottom for 20 hours at a time. there's another urgent search tonight, this one for victims of a mudslide north of seattle. we have just got word that at least ten people were killed. police are going through a list of others who are unaccounted for. the hillside was once green and full of trees but saturday 15 million cubic yards of mud gave way. danielle nottingham is there danielle?
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>> reporter: scott, rescue crews were pulled from part of the search zone today because the hillside is so unstable. the soupy mud is 40 feet deep in some places and covers a square mile. chief travis hots is with the snohomish county fire district. >> the situation is very grim. we haven't-- we're still holding out hope that we are going to be able to find people that may still be alive. >> reporter: on saturday rescuers had heard voices calling out from below the mud pleading for help. they have not heard anything since. despite the use of sound detecting equipment. carolyn neil's father steve is missing. >> reporter: do you have hope they will find some survivors in that debris? >> yeah, i have to hope that they will. i have to hope that my dad will be safe and that he is just somewhere where they can't reach him now. >> reporter: more than a foot of rain has fallen here this month. twice as much as normal. the ground was saturated but
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we're told no official warning was issued in oso. the mudslide rolled down a steep bank opposite the village, raced across the river through 25 homes and a stretch of state highway. >> this came out of nowhere, no warning. >> reporter: john pennington runs the local emergency management department. >> it was considered very safe, very candidly i just don't think that anybody saw that this portion of the slide, the back portion would come through. >> reporter: a smaller mudslide occurred in 2006, just a half mile from saturday's slide. the state spent $13 million shore up the area. >> it's something that you worry about and think about when you're driving and it's raining and your kids are in the backseat. you can't help but worry. >> reporter: the weather forecast won't help rescue efforts, scott. rain is expected to move in overnight and last through the week. >> pelley: danielle, thank you. today the united states and europe scuttled the g-8 economic summit meeting that was
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scheduled for sochi russia. it is one of the sanctions that president obama warned of after russia took the crimean peninsula away from neighboring ukraine. major garrett traveling with the president in the netherlands tonight. major? >> reporter: scott, the g-7 nations will now hold their own sum fit in brussels in june excluding russia from all economic talks until the standoff over crimea is resolved. leaders here agree that any new economic sanctions against russia would hit its arms, energy and finance industries and would be tied directly to any new military moves into ukraine. but the g-7 will not impose additional penalties for russia's move into crimea. the goal here is simply to contain the crisis. president obama also met with the chinese president and urged him to remain neutral thus depriving moscow of a historic ally. he said president would not necessarily support russia but
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is reluctant to join in with economic summits. >> p in egypt today, a court sentenced to death 529 supporters of the ousted president morsi. they were storming a police station and killing an officer after a two day trial in which the defense was not allowed to present a case. morsi was deposed in a military coup last july. since then, 16,000 of his backers had been arrested. bernie madoff's secretary portrayed herself as a victim but the jury saw it another way. a major oil spill threatening wildlife on the gulf coast. and moms are suiting up at football camp when the "cbs evening news" continues. çó [ doctor ] and in a clinical t, crestor got more high-risk patients' bad cholesterol
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medical conditions and medications. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer, worsening prostate symptoms, decreased sperm count, ankle, feet or body swelling, enlarged or painful breasts, problems breathing while sleeping and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. ask your doctor about axiron. >> pelley: 25 years ago today the exxon valdez ran aground off the alaskan coast spilling 11 million gallons of oil and forcing one of the biggest cleanups in u.s. history. tonight there is a new cleanup after two ships collided in the houston ship channel. 170,000 gallons of oil has leaked into galveston bay. manual bojorquez is in texas city tonight. >> reporter: scott, the vessel over my left shoulder is the barge that leaked the marine fuel.
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it is now surrounded by orange barriers to prevent whatever oil remains from flowing into galveston bay. sea birds covered in the heavy and sticky oil have been spotted along the bay. the spill happened at the height of roosting season close to a wildlife refuge near the accident site. some of the oil has spread as far as 12 miles into the gulf of mexico. rich arnhart is with the state's response team. what specifically makes it harder to clean up? >> it's just a thicker oil. it stays together and it doesn't evaporate as fast, like some of the lighter crude oils or lighter fuel oils. >> reporter: conditions were described as foggy midday saturday when the barge carrying that oil and a libyan tanker collided. the barge was being pushed by the miss susan. government records show the towboat owned by houston-based kirby inland marine has had three other collisions in the past six years. two involved other vessels. u.s. coast guard captain brian penoyer. >> visibility, the traffic, the
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meeting and crossing arrangements, all of those will be pursued completely. >> reporter: a layer of black tar has covered nearby beaches and marinas, david prater fishes these waters. what is it like to see that? >> it's very devastating. yup, not good. that look at that stuff, man, that's-- more and more. >> reporter: scott, there could be an economic cost to this as well as cargo traffic at one of the nation's busiest ports have been put on hold. nearly 80 vessels are waiting to get through the houston shipping channel and there's no timeline yet on when it might fully reopen. >> pelley: manual, thank you. today five members of bernie madoff's office staff were convicted of helping the wall street swindler in his $65 billion ponzi scheme. prosecutors said madoff secretary annette bongiorno
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pocketed more than $14 million over the years. the five will be sentenced this summer. madoff is serving a life sentence. in a rare interview the nfl commissioner tells us about a way to make football safer for kids. that's next. that's next. mine was earned in korea in 1953.
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from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list. join today at >> pelley: the study out this week confirms stress could play a role in infer tilt. researchers tested women for an
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enzyme that indicates stress and found women with high levels of the enzyme are 29% less likely to become pregnant. they said that stress is not the most important factor in infer tilt, but the link -- infertility but the link is there. nfl announced it is spending $45 million to support youth football and protect kids from concussions, partly getting them to tackle properly, and the lead figures only one person kids will listen to. here's jeff glor. >> reporter: leina douka is a 34-year-old mother learning how to play football at a camp in georgia. she has no intention of ever entering a game. she's doing it for her children. >> honestly, i was one of those moms that thought it will never happen to my kid. >> reporter: two years ago her older son tristan suffered a concussion. he was carted off the field. and later stopped playing entirely.
5:52 pm
douka's youngest son logan did not. >> i never worried until that happened to my older one, now i'm constantly worried. >> reporter: football accounts for 30% of concussions in boys between the ages of 15 and 19. far and away the leading source. that's why the nfl is running this camp. the thinking is if moms know what is right, they can make sure their kids do too. nfl commissioner roger goodell. moms running these practice drills-- with all due respect to moms everywhere. >> you know what, they appreciate just being able to be on the field. and to understand the drills and to participate in it. and understand it better. >> reporter: you've been to some of these camps, you see some of the questions you get from mothers saying should my kid play football. what dow say? >> well, that's a personal decision. but we want them to have the right information when they make those decisions. when moms understand it better, they say yes, we want our kids to participate because we like what's happening am we like the fact that we're brought into the
5:53 pm
circle. so that we can understand better the game and understand what you are doing to make sure when i leave my kid with you, as a coach, you're making sure that he's being taken care of. >> reporter: one major focus of the nfl's heads up program, teaching kids not to copy some professional players who have been fined for illegal helmet to helmet hits. >> this is a lot of returning to the fundamentals of football. we're getting back to those fundamentals. the helmet is designed for protection it is not a weapon. >> you don't know, you don't know you what are talking about, now i feel like i can say i went to a camp, i do know what i am talking about and that is what you need to be doing. >> reporter: leina douka is among the first. the nfl says the plan is to bring heads up to 10,000 youth leagues nationwide, jeff glor, cbs news, new york. >> pelley: blessed are the music makers. a nun turns pop star with her own groupies next. her own groupies next. hungry for the best?
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5:57 pm
♪ i just want to hold you >> reporter: the cheering section was a hit. and so were the shoes. yet the singer dressed as a nun could have been anybody in the got to have a gimmick world of tv talent shows. and the song alicia keys no one attributed to a lover seemed unlikely religious material. but as the judges punched their approval buttons and swung around to see who was singing their lips were told the latest viral video sensation. according to youtube the singer sister christina succia, a 25- year-old nun from sicily has been viewed more than 26 million times. tv talent shows have picked up unlikely stars before. who can forget the susan boyle phenomenon.
5:58 pm
and singing nuns whether julie andrews, or whoopi goldberg did not prepare the world for a sister act like this. the fact sister christina picked rocker j-ax for her upcoming episodes of the show probably show probably doesn't mean she'll be covering any of his numbers which a long way from the convent. but popular pope francis is known as the rock star pope, he may now have a new member of the band. mark phillips, cbs news, london. >> pelley: that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at
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good evening, i'm ken bastida. i'm juliette goodric running try. kpix 5 learn odd drastic measures because of our -- learned of severe drastic measures because of our severe water draught. i am ken bastida. >> i am elizabeth cook. mount diablo is running dry. kpix 5's ann notarangelo with the change visitors can expect. >> reporter: julia, here it is byow, bring your own water. we are here at the junction station where we are letting people know they have some water. you head up the road and they remind people we have in a severe water shortage. >> grasses are shorter which means the wild flowers are more
6:00 pm
obvious and prominent. >> the orange landscape is the upside to the draught conditions on mount diablo. but for the hikers and bicyclist who cruise this as their playground, there is a down side. >> we neglected to bring any water with us, foolishly. >> francis who trains on the water knows to bring water but is used to refilling often. ed to, his refill stations were few and far between. >> i will bring two next time. i will be prepared next time. >> the main part of mount diablo's water supply relies on rainfall collected in underground springs. this year, they have gotten only 8 inches of rain. >> the springs are down to trickle. they have turned off almost all the faucets. they have replaced path rooms with port-a-potties. >> state parks are being asked to reduce by 20%. they are taking more drastic steps on mount diablo which doesn't seem


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